Message from Chairman

I extend a very warm welcome to all students who are looking forward to join Pathfinder Higher Secondary Public School (PHSPS), the FIRST Integrated school in West Bengal. We will guide you to achieve academic excellence and ensure a successful professional career for you in the coming days.

Integrated School Programme - a new revolution

In today's changing environment students are spending more time beyond school hours, trying to keep abreast the latest competitive hurdles and tools. The stress of going to Two institutions, the School and the Coaching Centre, has led to the relevance of Integrated School Programme.

In an Integrated school the entire teaching and preparation takes place in the school and that too within the school timings. These schools are mostly located in North and South India. The results of JEE in 2013, 2014 and 2015 showed that more than 50% of Top Rankers are from schools that conduct Integrated School Programme. As an Educationist, I realised that if we could offer such guidance to the students of West Bengal, they would come out with flying colours in All India Competitive examinations. Pathfinder Higher Secondary Public School (PHSPS) is an outcome of that realisation.

Education has a broad definition. At the very beginning, It comes from learning how to learn. Einstein said 'Education is what remains after you forget everything you have learnt at school' . We, at PHSPS, are motivated and humbled by the trust and faith reposed on us by the parents, and are further determined to fulfill our promise of providing top-class education to our students that will lead them to a coveted professional career.

If you are hard-working, focused and aspiring for an exceptional academic performance and a highly successful professional career at national or international level, I welcome you to join Pathfinder Higher Secondary Public School and take your rightful place under the sun.

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