Message from Chairman


I extend a very warm welcome to all students who are looking forward to joining PHSPS, the FIRST Integrated school in West Bengal with a view to achieving academic excellence and ensuring a successful professional career for themselves in the days to come.

Integrated School Programme — a new revolution!

In today’s challenging & fiercely competitive world, a student is spending time beyond schools hours, trying to keep abreast with the latest education pattern & trend? Which can be some time mentally & physical very challenging, in find quality time for “SELF STUDY”. Managing distance and quality time for self-study & practice has led to the relevance of an integrated school, a programe were Two aspects of teaching is being integrated, School & coaching for competitive exams like Medical & Engineering, within the school premises, that too within school hours….!!. Such schools we have seen are mostly located in South or North of India & statistics shows, most of the rankers, making it to the “TOP” are from these schools, having integrated curriculum. In an Integrated school the entire teaching and preparation takes place in the school and that too within the school timings. These schools are mostly located in North and South India. The results of JEE in 2013, 2014 and 2015 show that more than 50% of Top Rankers are from schools that conduct Integrated School Programme.

Pathfinder — Leading from the Front

For the last three decades Pathfinder is providing guidance to students of Eastern India. Our students have consistently performed in JEE, WBJEE with outstanding results, not only that, achievements of our students in Medical entrance exam and in ISI,IISER, KVPY & in most other competitive examination is also very promising.

However being the Founder Director of PATHFINDER, I have often thought & realized that students Who are preparing for national entrance exams, residing in West Bengal have to reinvent their study pattern like normally students are doing in parts of rest of INDIA like Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu or Delhi to reach the forefront of SUCCESS

The first school of its kind, already operational in Jodhpur Park(KOLKATA), while the second will commence operation, very soon, from Durgapur & so on.

With Regards,

Debdutta Sreemany
Founder – Director